SVE Rocket 2

In 2008 the team at Exo Sports Cars (ESC) started to manufacture the legendary Rocket 1 kit car under license in the UK. It was exhibited at every major motoring event in the UK calendar and quickly gained a cult following.

The global sales potential for the Rocket 1 was quickly realized and distribution was set up not only across Europe, but also in the USA, Australia and South Africa.

Over the last 6 years, the Rocket 1 has continually been developed and improved by the ESC team and hundreds of Rockets have reached all corners of the globe, but, given that it was initially conceived in 2007, it was decided in the beginning of 2015 that it should undergo a redesign to be better suited for more modern applications with high powered supercharged and turbocharged engines that customers were wishing to install.

In the ground-up engineering effort performed in the redesign of the SVE Rocket 2, ESC used advanced F1 CAD and Finite Element techniques to redefine its exo-skeletal chassis and improve the strength, torsional rigidity and suspension geometry for improved high performance handling.

In the US, DRL has furthered its development by engineering and installing a 270 hp Ford 2.0 Ecoboost (Ford Racing crate engine and control package) into a chassis in Texas.


Specifications and Pricing


The chassis is a fully triangulated steel space frame, designed by qualified structural engineers to provide a stiff and strong structure capable of withstanding high torsional loads with low center of gravity and exceptional suspension geometry. Various designs of Roll Protection Bars are available as optional extras. Frame is welded using TIG techniques.


Length 10.25 ft (3.124 meters)

Width 5.66 ft (1.725 meters)

Height 3.66 ft (1.125 meters)

Wheel base 8.0 ft (2.425 meters)

Weight About 1,250 lbs (567 kilos) depending upon options


Wilwood or Hi Spec 4 pot calipers, rotors, and pads (available as optional extras) are recommended front and rear. The optional calipers bolt directly to the kit provided uprights. The rotors are 11” in diameter which, combined with the optional calipers, provide exceptional stopping power.


2.0 liter 4 cylinder rear located Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) Ford Zetec, SVT, Duratec or Ecoboost engine (specified by customer), transversely mounted and mated to a 5 or 6 speed (Ford or Getrag) transmission, located in mid-engined location (in front of rear driveshafts). Power ranges from 140 – 300 hp depending upon engine and tuning selected. Power to weight ratio varies from about 9 lbs per hp (Zetec) to about 4 lbs per hp (Ecoboost).

Other transverse 4 cylinder power plants may be used but modifications will have to be made to the engine mounts and driveshafts. (DRL can advise customers on specific engine choices and modifications required and can perform these modifications).

Automatic transmission installation is possible.

BASE KIT COMPONENTS $7,550 (plus shipping, import duty and customs fees – see below)

  • Fully welded tubular space frame ready to accept 2.0 liter Ford Focus engine (see power options) and, 5 or 6 speed transmission components
  • Pro Tech fully adjustable shock absorbers complete with coil over springs
  • Front and rear wishbones (“A” arms) complete with poly bushings and crush tubes
  • Rear Uprights to take donor drive shafts, hubs, bearings, discs, pads, and calipers (inclusive of donor rear handbrake cables)
  • Aluminum sections for front bulkhead, rear bulkhead, nose side panels, center consol and cockpit floor
  • Steel front uprights to accept donor rear rotors (or optional drilled and slotted rotors) with radial mount for Wilwood or High Spec 4 piston calipers and pads (optional extra)
  • 7 piece GRP set in color of your choice comprising: hood section, engine cover, front and rear fenders (with steel mounting brackets) in the style of your choice (flat or contour)
  • Polycarbonate wind deflector
  • Aluminum coolant pipes (2) for front radiator mounting
  • 5 gallon fuel tank with locking cap
  • Steering rack
  • Assembly guide CD ROM


  • 2 standard bucket type GRP seats, (black or colored to match chosen GRP body panels; Price $370
  • 2 sport type GRP seats black (or colored to match chosen GRP body panels); Price $370
  • Custom padded and quilted seat inserts (pair) Price $295
  • Custom padded, and insulated quilted tunnel cover (to match seat inserts) Price $225
  • Stainless Steel custom exhaust headers (Zetec and SVT) headers;  Price $662
  • Stainless Steel custom down pipe and muffler;   Price $578
  • Wiring loom with fuses/relays/switches and full DOT approved lighting set;  Price $790
  • Double hoop standard roll bar and bracing (welded to chassis at time of kit manufacture);  Price $318
  • Roll bar and Bracing to meet racing requirements (welded to chassis at time of kit manufacture;  Price $480
  • Powder Coating to chassis frame and wishbone suspension components (in choice of colors);  Price $650
  • Wilwood aluminum pedal assembly with balance bars and 3 cylinders; Price $398
  • Rally design aluminum front uprights with hubs/bearing and brake mount;  Price $625
  • Wilwood or Hi Spec front brake kit (4 pot calipers, drilled and slotted rotors, performance pads & stainless steel flex lines; Price $650
  • Wilwood or Hi-Spec 4 pot handbrake caliper rear (to accept E-brake cables);  Price $580
  • Drilled and grooved brake discs (pair – front or rear);  Price $210
  • Quickrack steering rack kit;  Price $210
  • Front Aero fenders;  Price $80 per pair extra to kit price
  • Front Aeromax wings;  Price $150 per pair extra to kit price
  • Infinitely variable camber adjusters on top and lower rear wishbones;  Price $385
  • Fully adjustable nose canard wings (for increased own force);  Price $385
  • Rear wing with mounting brackets;  Price $605
  • Complete wiring harness for non-engine related functions (including relays, fuses, fuse cabinet and switches); Price $1320
  • Complete engine related wiring harness; Price $1575
  • Ford Racing 2.0 Ecoboost, Getrag 6 speed, PCM, engine control wiring harness, complete powertrain package; Call For Pricing



When DRL imports the kits into the US, there are ocean shipping costs, import duties (2.5% of purchase) and customs/brokers fees that have to be paid. DRL brings kits into the US by container at periodically intervals, thus minimizing the ocean shipping costs (since multiple kits can be loaded into the container). Typically these total extra costs (if shipped in by container) will be $1500. Domestic shipping on a pallet from our shop in Texas to states in the US usually ranges from $500 to $1000. DRL can also arrange for kits to be shipped in direct from the factory to the customer’s door. Typically these costs are higher and can be quoted on request once a final destination has been established.


DRL can supply the SVE Rocket 2 in various stages of build, including a frame and suspension components, a partial rolling chassis that does not include any brake lines or wiring, a full rolling chassis that does include brake lines and non-engine related wiring, one that includes the wiring and brake lines or a turnkey version. DRL can also assist customers with the installation of different transversely mounted power plants (e.g. Honda K20 etc.), if the components are made available. Please contact DRL for pricing.


The selected donor will provide the following components:

  • Engine and transmission, including auxiliary components;
  • Engine and transmission mounting brackets;
  • Drive shafts;
  • PCM and engine wiring and sensors;
  • Fuel pump and fuel sending unit;
  • Radiator expansion (header) tank;
  • Brake fluid reservoir;
  • Diagnostic (OBD2) port;
  • Steering column complete with switches and connectors;
  • Front and rear wheel bearings;
  • Rear spindles;
  • Rear caliper mounting plates;
  • Rear calipers;
  • Rear rotors;
  • Front rotors;
  • E-brake handle and cables;
  • Shifter;
  • Radiator fans;
  • Wheels and tires;
  • Miscellaneous nuts and bolts and connecting hardware;

As you will determine, there is still a lot of the donor left so we recommend that you buy a donor, remove the parts that you need and sell the remaining parts on Ebay (or other method means) as we know from both our own experience and that of our customers that you can recover some of the cost of the donor car.