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JUNE 2017

DRL received the first SVE Rocket 2 kit to arrive in the US. We are very impressed with the design, workmanship and finish of it. We are building this kit as a demo and installing a 220 hp 1.6 Ecoboost motor and new generation Getrag 6 speed in it. The computer and control package for this powerplant (currently not available in the US) has been sourced in the UK. DRL will offer this as an option for potential Rocket 2 customers in the future. This Rocket 2 will be completed in July and we are hoping to display it at the 2017 SEMA show in Los Vegas. Stay tuned for a forthcoming photo shoot of this car that will be completed shortly.


Dove Racing is pleased to announce that, in addition to the SVE Rocket 2 kit, we will continue to market the original Rocket kit (to be now known as the SVE “Rocket Classic”) in the US. This kit will be made by Exo Sports Cars (ESC). We will also continue to market the original Sonic 7 kit which will be manufactured by Equilibrium Kit Cars (EKC) in Cheltenham in the UK. The SVE Rocket 2, SVE Rocket Classic and EKC Sonic 7 can all be designed to accept the Ford Racing Ecoboost package (when specified by a customer).

We now have tested the Rocket fitted with the 2.0 Ecoboost motor and we can say it is phenomenally fast. See photos of this Rocket project.


On January 16th Exo Sports Cars Ltd will announce their new kit, the SVE Rocket 2, at the Birmingham International Autosports show in the UK. Additionally Dove Racing LLC is pleased to announce the successful completion of the installation of a fully operational 270 hp Ford 2.0 Ecoboost and Getrag MM 6T transmission powertrain in a Rocket 1 chassis. Road testing of this car has not been yet been completed but initial results show that the car is phenominally quick, handles like it is on rails, and sounds as good as it looks. This work is directly applicable to the SVE Rocket 2 chassis which has been specifically designed to accept the higher horsepower and torque that the Ecoboost engine develops. Dove Racing has also concluded talks with Ford Racing and will be able to offer a complete brand new powertrain package including the 2.0 Ecoboost crate engine, auxiliary components, control package (including Ford Racing PCM and engine wiring harness), Getrag 6 speed tranny, performance clutch and flywheel and intercooler with connecting hoses. This whole powertrain package will be offered for a price of $9850. By purchasing a SVE Rocket 2 kit and DRL’s powertrain package, customers can build a ultra high performance and modern mid-engined sports car that is a direct competitor to the Ariel Atom for about 1/3rd of the cost. Dove Racing will also offer turnkey versions of this kit for about $35K (including options).


While the Sonic 7 kits are no longer being fabricated by Exo Sports Cars (ESC) , Dove Racing LLC (DRL) has 2 kits remaining in stock at our shop in Texas, with most of the original available options. We understand that most of the kit components will be offered as replacement parts by ESC. Interested parties should contact to DRL for details and pricing.

We are excited to announce, that the completely new SVE Rocket 2 kit design is now 98% complete and the first kits will be started in production at the ESC factory in Nottingham England later in December. This kit, which has been undergone extensive design from the ground up (using advanced FI engineering techniques) for several months in 2015, will be officially launched at the International Motorsports show in Birmingham England on January 16th 2016. Stay tuned for more details and photos as they become available. DRL is expecting that several SVE Rocket 2 kits will be arriving in the US in March 2016.

DRL is also very close to completing the installation of Ford’s 265 hp (when using DRL’s cold air intake and stainless exhaust) 2.0 direct injected, turbocharged Ecoboost engine in the our last remaining Rocket 1 chassis. This power-plant is currently being used in Ford’s 2014 and-up hot Focus ST hatchback. The purpose of this exercise, which was started earlier in 2015, was to perform the necessary engineering and to establish the feasibility of the use of this ultra-modern, all aluminum light weight power-plant. The work has been entirely successful and is directly applicable to the new SVE Rocket 2 chassis, which will be offered with all structural modifications to accept this power-plant (at the specific request of customers). This engine (which can be tuned to over 300hp) is currently offered as a crate package by Ford Racing complete with control package (including PCM and engine wiring harness), and is mated to the latest generation Getrag MT285 6 speed close-ratio transmission (also offered by Ford Racing). The power to weight ratio, if the 2.0 Ecoboost engine is used in a SVE Rocket 2 kit, will be slightly less than 5 lbs per horsepower. That is indeed super car territory.

APRIL 2015

Dove Racing completed this Mark 3 Rocket for a customer in Chicago. This is the 20th Rocket (both kits and turnkeys) that we have sold and the best yet. Fitted with a SVT engine and Getrag 6 speed transmission (fitted with a Limited Slip), it is very fast.

Road Track Race (RTR) has parted ways with Mills Extreme (MEV). RTR has re-organized and been renamed Exo Sports Cars Ltd. They will still be operating from the same premises in Nottingham England, have the same skilled and talented craftsmen and will be offering the bike engine kits AND a new exciting and more modern replacement for the Rocket (Rocket 2 concept shown below). This kit, designed and engineered by a F1 engineer, will have greater torsional stiffness and improved suspension geometry. It will accept both the older style of Focus engines plus the new generation Ford 1.6, 2.0, and 2.3 Ecoboost powertrains. Dove Racing will remain the exclusive representative for Exo Sports Cars in the US. The Sonic 7 will no longer be offered although Dove Racing still has some kits in stock.


Dove Racing built this BMW powered left-hand drive Atomic for a customer in Chicago. We used a BMW KR1200 R 165 hp super bike as a donor. It was shaft driven with a 6 speed sequential shifter. This is the first left-hand drive Atomic in the US. These kits are sold in the UK with only right-hand drive using an R1 drivetrain and it required a lot of custom work with this configuration. Now it will be possible to build a left-hand drive kit.


In August 2013 Dove Racing LLC moved our business headquarters to 108 West College St., Leonard TX 75452.


Dove Racing has a 10′ x 40′ booth at the Dallas Autorama on February 15th, 16th and 17th. We are displaying the following completed cars; 2 MEV Rockets (Pilot Red and Light Green; 1 MEV tR1ke (Royal Blue): 1 MEV Sonic 7 (Royal Blue and White). This is your oppurtunity to come and see these cars in real life, sit in them to establish the loads of leg room and space and to admire their extreme and stunning looks (photos just do not justice). We will also have full details of the brand new MEVabusa and all the tuning options that are available. The show is at:

2200 North Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, TX 75207, USA
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Please come and see us and we would love to hang out. Look forward to seeing you there.


Dove Racing recently delivered a beautiful, R1 powered MEV tR1ke to Josh Fredericks in Ohio. Josh is absolutely delighted with his new MEV machine and made the comment that it is “just too fast”. In testing we found that it was capable of reaching 100 mph in about 6 seconds and will reach 120mph in just 2nd gear. Even though it has only 3 wheels it handles just like a supercar as the Kit Car Builder test found (see Magazine article in Articles tab).

Dove Racing will receive another shipment of kits from Road Track Race on about January 15th, 2013 (container vessel will dock in Houston on January 10th). This will mean that we will have the full range in stock ready for immediate delivery. This will include 2 of the new exciting MEVabusa kits (Kit in a Box).

We are almost finished with a gorgeous white and blue MEV Sonic 7 which is fitted with a 240 hp normally aspirated Zetec engine and Getrag 6 speed, which will be delivered to Lance Dunman in Texas.

JULY 2012

While sales have been good this year, DRL still has several MEV Rockets and MEV Sonic 7s in our inventory. A second container has been ordered on spec and will be arriving in Texas late September. This container will have more MEV Rockets , MEV tR1kes and the first two MEVABUSA kits to be shipped into the US. These two kits are in the KIT IN A BOX format and will include everything that is needed to complete a build with the exception of the Suzuki GSX1300R Hyabusa drivetrain, ECU, wiring and gauges (all taken from a 1999-2007 donor bike). They won’t last so place your order now.

On July 23rd our friends at Road Track Race recently sponsored a track day event at Curburough road race track in the UK. There was an excellent turn out of cars – see photos below. Our goal is to sponsor a similar event in the US in the future.

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APRIL 2012

DRL will be exhibiting a MEV Rocket at the Carlisle Kit Car Show in Carlisle, Pennsylvania on May 18th to 20th 2012. Hope to see you there.

DRL is excited to announce the introduction of a new kit called the MEVABUSA. Designed by Stuart Mills of MEV and manufactured by Road Track Race, this mid engined 4 wheeled Exoskeletal kit will be powered by a Suzuki GSX1300R Hyabusa producing 185 hp. The car is expected to weigh about 850 lbs and thus will have a power to weight ratio of less than 4.6 lbs per horsepower. Road Track Race will debut the new car at the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show in May 2012 at which time more details will be released. DRL is expecting to have several kits on the ground in Texas later in 2012 and is taking orders now. The car will include a left hand steering option.


DRL is pleased to announce that we have arranged the shipment of a 40 ft container of kits from Road Track Race and will have an inventory of several kits on the ground at our shop in late April 2012. Take advantage of the savings in shipping now before they are all sold.

Wilwood Performance Products
DRL is now appointed as a dealer for Wilwood performance products, so get your brake upgrades and pedal kits here.
Wilwood Engineering has been designing and manufacturing high-performance disc brake systems since 1977. They have developed a substantial matrix of brake components and engineering techniques that allow them to quickly and reliably create brake systems for almost any application.

Painless Performance
DRL has reached an agreement with Painless Performance to provide 8 circuit wiring packages which are highly suited for the line of RTR kits. These coupled with bullet type lighting will enhance the appearance of your RTR beauty.
Painless Performance Products

DRL is excited to announce that we be representing OMEX in the US. Omex (based in the UK) supplies a range of complete Ford I4 2.O liter engines up to 330hp thus enabling us to be in Ariel Atom territory. Also throttle body kits, supercharger packages, Engine Management Systems and other performance products. Please contact DRL for details and pricing.


DRL had a great SEMA show and the MEV Rocket was the center of attention. Several sales were successfully executed as a result of the show. DRL plans to have all the RTR line of products on display at the 2012 SEMA show.